A Courthouse Wedding: Lanesa and Sherrod

September 19, 2018

I met Lanesa looking for heavy cream in the Wal-Mart.  It was right before Thanksgiving of 2016 and your girl put off grocery shopping until the last minute.  We bumped into each other in the dairy section, looking for the magical ingredient to make some bomb mac and cheese.  She struck up a conversation and we wound up standing there for 15 minutes chatting it up.  At that point, I was deep into stay-at-home mommyhood and struggling to see how any of my dreams of traveling, taking pictures, and telling stories would ever come to fruition.  I’m pretty sure what preceeded our meeting that day were some tearful prayer sessions and lots of questions to God.  I was in a valley.  But God, in His EVER perfect timing, always sends someone or something my way to remind me that He’s listening to me.  Yall, He’s done it so many times.

Lanesa shared her business card with me.  She’s a travel agent.  I attended one of her meetings and afterwards, we continued to talk for over an hour.  It’s then that I articulated my dreams of opening a school, photographing people around the world and documenting stories of love and life. Talking with her forced me to say the things that I had only been thinking about, and honestly, had lost hope that they would ever become real.  Her zest for life and energy make her a natural saleswoman and entrepreneur.  That’s why, when she came into my life, I welcomed her enthusiasm and energy, and I admired her passion.  As a dedicated mother of 4 who’d recently re-located from Jersey to Delaware, her story gave me hope.

So when Lanesa asked me to photograph her wedding to her long-time love Sherrod, I said “ABSOLUTELY!”.  The wedding was short, sweet, and simple.  A courthouse affair in Cecil County, Maryland with Lanesa’s mom, her four boys, and the leaders of their church in Delaware.

Without further ado, here it is.



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