Bon Voyage!

February 22, 2017

Lately, Fola has had this infatuation with packing her (and my bags) and pretending she’s going on a trip.  Where, exactly, is this two year-old going, you ask?  It depends on the day and what she’s in the mood for.  Sometimes she imagines we’re headed to Wal-Mart (oh, yes-we’re fancy).  Other days, we’re headed to a birthday party.  Every now and then, we’re headed to Arendelle to go see Anna and Elsa.

Today, I figured I’d feed her imagination a bit more and read her a book about traveling.  I’m a wanderlust at heart.  Although having children has slowed me down a wee bit, I eventually want to travel with my family and expose them to different locations, people, and cultures around the world.  It couldn’t hurt to expose them to the concept of travel early and I had the perfect book to do so.   This morning, before play time, we read “Zoey’s First Plane Ride” by Kaela Harmon. The book takes us on little Zoey’s journey to see her grandmother from packing and checking-in, walking through the concourse and boarding, to the actual plane ride and collecting her luggage at baggage claim.

I love that little Zoey looks like Fola!  I’m always looking for texts where my children can see positive images of themselves.  It sends the message that air travel is for everyone and I believe this book would make a great guide to bring along with your little ones on their first plane trip.  There’s even a word bank in the back with important terms.  The colorful illustrations are also engaging for the little ones (read: Judah lol) who may not automatically understand the terms.

Afterwards, during play time, Fola imagined she was headed to the airport.  Not surprisingly, she totally got into it.  She packed her (my) suitcase with fairy wings and stuffed animals (because…necessary).  Eventually, the suitcase turned into her airplane seat and she used the straps inside as a seatbelt.  She even requested apple juice with ice cubes (umm..blocks), and “fell asleep” like Zoey did on the plane.  I suppose I can add another title to my name- flight attendant.  Alas, a mother’s work is never done.  Clearly, my little travelers are ready.

Bon Voyage,


P.S.- The Uruguay shirt is complements of their traveling aunty/Fola’s birthday twin Aunty Cynthia who visited us earlier this week.

You can purchase Zoey’s First Plane Ride by clicking here.

About The Author:  Kaela Harmon is a brand management and public relations expert who specializes in aviation and has honed her ability to translate the nuances of the industry to the public. As a sought after speaker, Kaela regularly presents at workshops and conferences across the country. “Zoey’s First Plane Ride” is Kaela’s first book and is a result of her passion for the industry and a desire to cultivate an interest in airports in children.

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