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February 17, 2017

Robin and her husband Tim invited me into their home to document an easy Monday morning with their son Ian.   “Monday mornings are our protected family time,” according to Robin.   She’s an emergency medicine physician’s assistant and he works as a tennis pro so their conflicting schedules make it a rarity for their family to be home together during the week.  Generally, Tim is gone by the time Robin and Ian wake up, so documenting this time together was especially important.

“I wanted to be able to look back at these pictures and remember what this time of like looks like for us”, said Robin.  “It is so fleeting, and our routines and interactions are so constantly evolving, that sometimes I worry about not having record of it and forgetting about it! With #2 on the way, I also want to remember these comparatively simple days of having one.”

There was nothing particularly fancy about that Monday morning.  Story time in bed,  breakfast, cuddling, and enjoying themselves in these moments.  After all, this family will grow by 1 in less than a month (Robin was 34 weeks during this shoot and is due mid-March…and it’s a boy!).  34 weeks. One toddler. Lots of cheerios and a whole lot of love.   Here’s to a Monday morning in the life of the Fitzgerald family.  Welcome to their world.



On Monday Mornings

R: We always say we are going to do some big activity — going to a museum, etc. But usually we just end up hanging out around the house, hitting up the coffee shop down the street, or going to the playground with Ian. Sometimes we’ll get some grocery shopping or other errands done together. I wouldn’t say we have any set routine with it, but it’s generally relaxed and we all just enjoy being together.

Big Brother Ian

Ian’s excitement about being a big brother. I do think he gets it, as much as he can. He knows that there is a baby in mommy’s belly. We have lots of friends with babies, and when he is around them he is gentle and seems to put two and two together that we will have one of those things living with us. He randomly asks to see the baby and likes to put his hands on my belly so softly and gently to touch him. For some reason, it only counts for him if he can lift up my shirt and see some skin! Recently, we’ve been reading him a lot of sibling themed books, and now he will tell you that the babies name is “Brudder”. Seeing how excited and sweet he is about it really gets me excited to see them together!

The Nursery

Robin: I painted the nursery a dark, moody navy blue. I wanted it to feel calming and quiet and yes, dark. Some of my favorite newborn/infant memories with Ian are all the time we spent in there breastfeeding, rocking and cuddling. The room feels cozy and quiet to me. I couldn’t decide on any one theme, but when I found the elephant print between the windows on Etsy, I decided it would just have a sort of eclectic, worldly theme to it. We are big travel fans. The globe on the shelf is an antique and half the countries don’t exist as drawn any more, but I liked the colors and figured babies don’t know the difference! Ian’s first word besides “dada” and “no” was actually “Arctic”, while he and I were playing with the globe one day. The wild one banner above the crib was from Ian’s first birthday party (we had a Where the Wild Things Are theme). I hung it there after his party thinking it would be temporary, but I actually really like it and imagine it will suit this new little guy too. I craigslisted and chalk painted the dresser and lined the drawers with mod-podged road maps from some different countries that are on our travel bucket list. I want to update some of the decor on the shelves above the dresser, but am waiting to come across the right pieces! I figure I have some time, since the little guy will be in our room for the early weeks anyway. We moved Ian to his nursery around 6 weeks old and we all slept better after that, and plan to do about the same with this baby too. (It makes me a little nervous to say that out loud — the best laid plans, right?!

Toddler Requests

Ian is usually pretty opinionated on what he wants to eat for breakfast. Favorites right now include oatmeal, eggs, and FRENCH TOAST, which he’ll usually request every morning (though he doesn’t get it every morning).

Dad’s Thoughts

I am excited for Ian to have a sibling to care for, since he’s such a loving kid. It will be good to see him take responsibility as a big brother. I am going to enjoy sharing my interests with another kid! I am excited to see how each of their personalities will develop as they get older.  I am also nervous for Ian’s adjustment to being a big brother. I’m scared about caring for two kids while Robin is at work, especially bathing two children at once by myself!

Anticipating Motherhood with Two

I am terrified about balancing the needs of two children! It was hard enough with one, and I can’t imagine doing these newborn days again, this time with a toddler!! I am terrified about the lack of sleep and how desperate of a feeling that is. I hope to breastfeed again, and when you breastfeed, there’s really no way any one can help you in the continuous sleep department — even if someone gives the baby a bottle, I still need to pump to keep my supply regulated….The list goes on. I am, by nature, anxious. I do a pretty good job at keeping my perspective balanced and placing trust in God’s plan for my life, but holy crap does motherhood really bring so many fears to the surface!

How has this pregnancy affected your every day routine?

I feel like I have had this belly for forever! It’s hard to remember what I felt like to be slim, to be able to squeeze easily into tight spaces, to be able to bend and move comfortably and to lay on my back without feeling short of breath! I am a back sleeper, so having to sleep on my side requires the assistance of a special curvy pregnancy pillow to keep me (semi) comfortable….I’m running out of lap space for Ian and can’t snuggle him the way I want to. It actually makes a nice little shelf for him to sit on top of facing and hugging me, as long as I support him enough with my arms that it takes the pressure off of my belly. I loooooove feeling him moving around, and I like to put my palm on my belly so that I can feel it with my hands too. You will see me with my hand on my belly randomly throughout the day. I love the feeling of his little limbs sweeping across my palm and whenever it happens I am overcome with a desire to meet him and to put a face and personality to these tiny little arms and legs and knobby knees and elbows.



  1. Amanda

    February 23rd, 2017 at 1:07 am

    Loved seeing this adorable shoot & reading Robin & Tim’s comments! Mike, Nathaniel and I are so excited to meet the new baby!


    February 24th, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Hey Amanda! Thanks for reading! We’re excited to meet Baby Fitzgerald too. Only a few more weeks and it goes down. Boom!

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