Growing Up Gorgeous for South Jerseys Moms

September 16, 2016

As a mother of “two under two”, I understand how difficult it is to find a moment to decompress.  Each day, I become more aware of how, despite all of its joys, motherhood is some of the most difficult work on this earth.  Whatever your path- SAHM, mom in the workforce, mompreneur- nurturing and caring for little human beings is taxing work.  Oftentimes, we as mothers and women are so busy trying to make sure everyone and everything else is ok that we neglect ourselves in the process.  

No, this is not the ideal situation, but the burnout is real.
Yes, we know self-care is extremely important.
No, it’s not always a priority.  

Yet, I know that without being filled back up, I won’t have anything left to give to those around me who need me.   A Pastor at my church recently revealed during a sermon that she’d reached a point where she was tired of being a mother.  And you know what? I. felt. her.  Sometimes you need to be refreshed.  Sometimes, you need to know you can relate to someone else and feel supported.  No judgement zone.  Just encouragement, an ear to listen, and some wisdom to get you through the rough patches.

That’s why, I was SUPER excited when my friend Christina shared her plans to officially launch Growing Up Gorgeous.  She has such a heart for mothers and it has birthed this new community where moms can receive the restoration and refreshing they need.  When Fola was only 4 months old,  Christina invited me, along with a group of other mothers, into her home for refreshments and conversations.  That was only the beginning of a larger vision and I was blessed to see the beginning of it come to fruition last week.  A group of 75 women gathered at the Haddon Fortnightly in Haddonfield, New Jersey to launch the South Jersey chapter.  The event, entitled “Coffee, Cakes, and Conversation”  included childcare and a plethora of giveaways to make mothers feel special.   Enjoy the images a below and check out GUG if you’re a mom in Philadelphia or South Jersey looking for a community of uplifting women and need a little time to getaway.  

Click here to view GUG founder Christina’s family portrait session with her husband and daughters.

Super excited to offer the ladies who attended a free portrait session!  Woot woot! Click here for more information or contact me at




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