Oh hello September…

September 10, 2018

Y’all.  How is it September?  Summer flew by and children are back in school.  How sway????  Soooo I figured it was time to hit the refresh button around these parts so allow me to re-introduce myself.  My name is Yvonne Simms and welcome to my space on this here internet.  If you take a look around, I’m a photographer, wife, mother.  I wear many hats, but I enjoy documenting real life and real love.  I love to hear stories of real people living and loving and it’s my honor to share those stories with the world.

I was born in London, England and emigrated to the U.S. before my 2nd birthday.  Both of my parents are West African (heyyyyyy Sierra Leone) but I grew up in Prince George’s County, MD.  Perhaps that explains why I love to travel so much.  In college, I studied abroad three times- Senegal, Ghana (for a really sweet summer), and St. Vincent and Barbados.  After college, I joined Teach For America and taught middle and high school social studies and English.  I did that for five years and found my way out of the classroom, managing parent and community engagement for a network of charter schools.  I actually still have a day job.  I work full-time in higher ed as an operations director where I do all of the things (recruitment, enrollment, event planning, you name it).  You can call me a “Jill of All Trades”.

Recently, the pace of life has picked up tremendously. I can definitely say I’ve had a busy few years.  Five years ago, I married my husband Ron, and in 2014 we had our first child (Folasade). We moved out of our South Philly row home and built a brand new one in Delaware (below the canal).  A few months later, God surprised us with a baby boy named Judah (we thought he was a girl…but clearly, that wound up different- for that story click here).  We both launched out to start our own businesses (not as successfully as we thought- GASP), went back to the 9-5 grind (more like 8-5:30 for me lol), all while actively serving in our church community, raising children, and going after our dreams.  Ron is the finance guy (venture capital, alternative lending, stocks, that sorta thing); I’m…no that.  Numbers   He’s the visionary; I’m into the details.  We compliment each other well.

Life is an adventure but it’s better having him and my children by my side.  Sure- it’s bumpy and tumultuous sometimes, especially when things don’t quite go as you plan.  But I suppose the failures make the successes even sweeter.  Our daily grind is hectic and fast-paced.  I think I looked up this year and was amazed that we are already in September.  What in the world??????????  I’ve shared a few moments of our summer.  Your girl has been doing the most and haven’t been picking up the camera like I used to.

That’s why I like taking pictures of people.  I get to capture them at that season of their lives. Whether it’s the bliss of a new engagement, your wedding day, or a few days (or even hours) after a new child is born, the seasons of life should be captured and remembered.  They go by soooooo quickly.  Yesterday, you were graduating from college and today, you’re on your daily grind trying to drop the kids (yes plural) off and make it to work on time.  What happened to the past decade? What happened to the last five years?  When did you birth a whole human (or several) with thoughts, feelings, and opinions about their breakfast cereal preferences?  I hope that with every session, with every couple and every family, is an opportunity to intentionally pause and capture who you are at that very moment. So when another 5 or 25 years pass, you have the opportunity to reflect and you can always remember.

Boom.  That’s it in a nutshell…actually, that’s not it, but you know.  Brevity.  Stick around.  Talk to y’all soon.



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