Personal Branding Session: Step Your Game Up. Boom.

April 25, 2018

Last week, I met up with Shinaya who requested some fresh headshots.  She’s a hairstylist at Maison De Chic Salon in Philadelphia and needed some updated photos of herself to submit for her bio if she did hair shows or hair-related events.  Here’s the thing…she came wearing this beautifully detailed lace overgarment and her make up (by Ashley Chambliss) was RIGHT.  She called me on my way to our location to inform me she forgot her props (scissors, blow dryers, combs…you know…hairstylist stuff). And you know what? – I was ok with that.  In fact, the photos turned out even better because we weren’t boggled down with a whole bunch of stuff.  She went with the flow, let her personality and beautiful smile shine through.  Together, we created some beautiful and versatile images that can be used in a variety of ways.  Hair show bio? Check. Instagram profile. Check.

My take on traditional headshots? You know…the ones with the white background and you looking directly at the camera.  Meh.  Boring.  Necessary in some cases?  Sure (think passport or government ID).  Why waste all of that beauty, ensemble (aka “alphet” as Luvvie Ajayi would say lol) and money on pictures of only your head?  Well…more like the top third of your body.  In our very digital world where your social media profile is now your automatic bio for the world to see, you want first impression to matter and professional images are key.  I’m not just talking Instagram or Facebook, but also platforms like LinkedIn where you’re connecting with potential clients and building community.  People don’t just want to know what you sell or what you do- they want to know you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or an educator, hairstylist or etsy maker, real estate agent or attorney.

Bottom line: Don’t settle for boring neck up headshots (or bathroom selfies,  Invest in your personal and professional brand with some fresh and modern images.  Interested in some new images to step your personal brand game up?  Contact me.  I’d love to work with you!



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