Philadelphia Summer Wedding: Renee & Fred

June 1, 2016

It’s hard to believe that Fred and Renee have been married for a little over a year.  Last May, these two tied the knot on a warm summer day in Philadelphia in front of family members, friends, and the ones they love dearest.  I was exceptionally excited because Renee, a creative and super talented tailor and seamstress, made my wedding gown.  She took my limited budget and my vision and sowed into me by helping me look beautiful on my wedding day.  Thus, it was an honor for me to document her wedding day.

When I asked how they met,  she says she can’t recall the exact first encounter.  She lived upstairs in a multi-level apartment building.  He worked in the small barbershop below.  If they ever spoke during that time, Renee can’t recall because when he approached her in a linens store 15 years later, she had no idea who he was.

“Don’t I know you?” he asked.  Her face looked familiar to him.  They struck up a conversation and remembered their tenuous connection.  Just like that, their love story began and it didn’t take long to realize they wanted to marry each other.  They reconnected in December of 2013 and were engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2014.

Then, there was a wedding to plan.  Renee knew the type of wedding she desired.  She also knew what their bank statements said.  However, she didn’t want to settle.

“I never planned to have something small…but I just didn’t know how God was going to do it.  I wanted a honeymoon, but I didn’t settle for Atlantic City.  God told me to put a deposit on everything.”  She did just that.  While trying on discounted dressed at David’s Bridal, she saw the gown she really loved.  She tried it on and decided not to make any purchases that day.  That night, she prayed and when she woke up, she envisioned herself in the gown she desired.  She put a deposit down, and eventually, was able to make full payment on it.  In fact, God honored her desires and they were able to make full payment on everything.  *Insert my happy dance right here!*  God is absolutely faithful!

A year later,  when I see them together, I’m still a little tickled.  He still opens doors for her and makes sure she’s protected.  She loves that about him: “He’s attentive…a real gentleman.”  Of course, life sometimes presents it’s challenges and they’re weathering them- together.  “Despite all odds, I love his ability to overcome adversity.”

Happy belated anniversary to Fred and Renee!  I wish you many more to come.

Are you engaged or currently married and are looking for someone to document your love?  I’d love to hear from you.  Simply click here to contact me.




Are you engaged or currently married?  Interested in booking me?  I’d love to hear from you.  Simply click here to contact me.

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