The FallCo Session: Syreena Homer

September 12, 2018

Y’all. I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.  I feel like if used for good, it’s a powerful tool that can connect us to communities of people far and wide.  But, if you dwell on the hashtags, perfect feeds, getting the ever-changing “algorithm” right, you’ll drive yourself crazy.  As a believer in Christ, I also have to guard my heart on IG because the endless (and mindless) scrolling can turn into idolatry, with you (read: me) coveting other’s curated highlight reels of people literally “living their best lives”.

So what does that have to do with this blog post?  Well, I met Syreena (featured below) on Instagram.  I actually have no idea how I came across her page(s), but I connected with her authenticity immediately.  She’s a mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, home schooler, (BOMB) creative, and most importantly she a child of God.  I was immediately drawn to the captions below her photos where she revealed the ups, downs, struggles, and joys of being all of the above.  Most of all, she reveals her heart and earnest desire to please God in all that she does, while daily allowing grace to abound because, let’s be real, life is a lot.  When I say she’s a creative- shes’s a CREATIVE!  She is a Vlogger, photographer, and she designed the shirts below for her faith lifestyle brand, The FallCo (The Faith and Love Life Company).

This session features Syreena and her biggest supporter, friend, and partner in life- her husband Brian.  He supports and loves her so well, and you can see it in her smile!  Over a year ago, she debuted a new brand of FallCo t-shirts (Go and get you like 5! They have them for the entire family!).  I stay rocking my “Fearless” tee below, because it reminds me of the faith God gave me to live the life He promised me, in its abundance, fullness, and glory.  Syreena is a gem and I’m so glad that our paths crossed and I could capture her in front my lens.  Enjoy.

Oh yea, PLEASE check her out (she’s THE BOMB!):

@SyreenaB | @TheFallCo | @TheFallCoKids | @TheFallCoCreative



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