Vaniah: Modern Maternity Session

April 16, 2018

10 years ago, I met a little 7th grader named Vaniah.  She was super smart, super chatty, and super clingy-but I loved her and still do.  In the afternoons, she’d help me “decorate” my door or a new bulletin board but cutting paper and punching out perforated letters.  We did more talking than decorating which probably accounts for my bulletin boards staying up longer than they should have.  Anyway,  I taught her English and Social Studies for two years and had the privilege of watching her grow from a little girl into a woman.  Now she’s a whole mother.  Does this mean that I’m getting old?

Vaniah is like my little sister and her family has become my family.  In fact, it was because of Vaniah that I (and eventually Ron and our family) attend the church that I do.  10 years later, instead of helping me with bulletin boards, she helps me corral little ones and is the ultimate snack provider (Fola and Judah affectionately call her “Niah”).  So when she asked me to capture maternity photos, I was all in.  I thought she’d go completely glam…giving me FACE for days, but she decided to keep it natural and simple.  There’s so much beauty in these images and I hope you enjoy and I much as we enjoyed creating them.

Update:  Christian Emmanuel Lee Belfield was born three days after this maternity shoot.  He’s small but he’s a super strong fighter (and really cute!).  Congratulations Vaniah on new motherhood!


Fola had to get her shots in too!

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