What To Wear To A Sesssion

September 14, 2018

I get this question from almost every couple or family I shoot:  “Yvonne, what should I/we wear?”.  Before your session, you and I will talk for about 30 minutes to discuss location and clothing.  I want your images to display who you are.  If you don’t wear red-bottoms in real life 9 times out of ten, you likely shouldn’t wear them for your shoot.  However, if you’re a Louboutin lover with a passion for fashion, by all means, rock out.  If you’re wearing something that detract from your authenticity, don’t do it.  Wear what makes you look like you.  Below are some suggestions on what to wear for session

Just say no to “Matchy Matchy Tacky Tacky”

 Yea, I said it and I’m putting my foot down.  Please, please, please don’t pull up to the family session with everyone rocking the same orange shirt and khaki pants (unless that’s your thing).  And look, if it is your thing, God bless you.  I just might not be the photographer for you, and that’s ok.

Coooooordinate (*in my John Witherspoon voice*)

Am I saying you can’t coordinate colors?  Of COURSE NOT!  In fact, coordination done well makes for some nice shots, especially when colors complement each other.  Thinking about doing all black (my personal favorite)?  Create interest with different textures.  I love an all black or all white theme for a multigenerational session. You can have a color theme and jazz it up with different patterns.  Here are some examples of well coordinated couples/families:


Guys can get it too!

Men.  I’m not going to leave you out and I shouldn’t have to.  While many husbands let the wife choose their ensembles (my husband included lol), more and more men are stepping their style game up and want to come through with the fashions!  Listen.  I am 100% here for it.

Comfort is key

 I LOVE shooting in-home sessions and they’re typically more casual.  You may rock your favorite pajamas as you snuggle in bed, or your Saturday morning best ensemble, complete with yoga pants.  Also, consider the session location.  Headed to a rocky area or grassy field?  Ladies, you may want to to swap out the stilettos for flats.  My goals is to shoot you as authentically as possible.  It’s hard to catch genuine connections between you and your loved ones if you’re grimacing from the pain in your pinky toe.

Bottom Line:  Do you (unless you involves matching shirts and pants…cuz then you can do you at JCPenny, mmk).

Need more inspiration? Here is a link to some Pinterest inspiration.



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